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Multimedia Programmer

1. Responsible for design and development of multimedia interactive products.
2. Able to independently conduct and control of small projects progress and results.
3. To be able to cooperate with graphic designer, graphic UI interface production needs to realize the Flash interface.
4. Continuously research new technologies. Able to complete the product of technical analysis.
1.Have 2 years experience in application development.
2.Proficient in the Action Script3.0 programming, understanding of the image processing is a plus.
3. To be able to use flash to realize design effect and the data communication and external components;
4. Understand the communication protocols, such as CCV, TCP/IP, TUIO, familiar with database and Windows Sockets and other communication mode;
5. With actual project experience, have a certain understanding of common interactive equipment, such as interactive products, multi-touch application development experience is preferred;
6. Unity3D development experience is preferred.

Interested candidates please send your resume to our email address zhaopin_hr@ashixuan.com, please indicate "position + name"

Adobe After Effects CS

1. According to the director, and planning script package requirements, to secondary creation of script writing, film clips, dealing with rhythm, the structure, the effect of subtitles in the finished film, music, sound clips;
2. All professional lens color processing, video format transcoding, camera tracking, late synthesis;
3. Independently opening production, cooperate with the three dimensional synthesis of 3 d scenes and special effects shots.
1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years or above related working experience;
2. Familiar with the advertising film production process, can independently accomplish video packaging, the opening animation, multimedia image design and production;
3. Proficient in After Effects, photoshop, Premirer and C4D editing software synthesis Effects plug-ins;
4. Of art creation, BiaoBan design, animation, texture, rhythm, color, etc have better grasp;
5. Has the good team consciousness and strong work initiative and creativity, have a certain compressive capacity;
6. Good artistic accomplishment, have higher request for the lens aesthetic.
(Can draw points mirror script, beautiful courtyard, 4 a advertising company background is preferred.)

Interested candidates please send your resume to our email address zhaopin_hr@ashixuan.com, please indicate "position + name"

3D Production

1. Making the three dimensional animation scene, lights apply colours to a drawing, material, animation Settings, etc.;
2. Refined processing model against doing scene, can control the big scene rendering;
3. The use of good at room lights;
4. Understand the animation principles, mastering the animation module.
5. Bears hardships and stands hard work, team spirit, team consciousness.
6. Familiar with all kinds of plug-in, have very good self-study ability.
1. Making the three dimensional animation, proficient in all kinds of architectural animation of outdoor and indoor, to the scene, texture, lighting has good control;
2. Mastering Maya/Max Photoshop software, related to require skilled use Mr/mainstream Arnold/Vray renderer rendering;
3. To control rendering the whole process of synthesis, on the model, binding, animation and so on the early stage of the process can have the corresponding specification requirements, scene model material to build capability;
4. Three years working experience in animation is preferred;
5. Good team consciousness and service concept, good professional moral and cultural quality.

Interested candidates please send your resume to our email address zhaopin_hr@ashixuan.com, please indicate "position + name"

Project Manager

1. Responsible for the company's multimedia project from the design, production and acceptance of all aspects of management;
2. Division of control project, propulsion, timely communication with all departments, ensure the implementation of the project;
3. Outsourcing team's communication and coordination and cooperation with customers and monitor quality in all processes and immediate feedback.
1. Decoration engineering management or related major, college degree or above, with at least 2 years of relevant working experience;
2. Have experience in project implementation, interested in multimedia industry is preferred;
3. Role of the office software skilled, can read CAD drawing, using common multimedia design software is preferred;
4. Good communication, organization, coordination ability, strong organization;
5. Work enthusiasm and teamwork spirit, can work under pressure.

Interested candidates please send your resume to our email address zhaopin_hr@ashixuan.com, please indicate "position + name"

Design Team Leader

1. Lead team, participate in company project scheme design and deepen the adjustment work, finish design task;
2. Be responsible for tracking and team project supervision;
3. With other departments to coordinate work progress to complete the project.
1. More than 8 years design, 5 years experience in exhibition design, familiar with cad, Max, Ps, Ai, sketchup and hand-painted and independently with the customer communication and coordination ability;
2. Love the design work, innovative spirit, bears hardships and stands hard work;
3. Good coordination and team spirit of cooperation, the leadership of the implementation of responsibility is strong, good at communication.

Interested candidates please send your resume to our email address zhaopin_hr@ashixuan.com, please indicate "position + name"

Enterprise Brand Culture Manager

1. According to company development strategy planning, brand strategy planning and brand construction of system. Fully responsible for the company's brand planning, design, promotion, establish and develop the company's brand culture.
2. Responsible for the planning and construction of the corporate culture, including corporate environment atmosphere, websites, brochures, push WeChat platform, etc.
3. Responsible for the company's external image construction, including the media, public relations, planning and promotion activities planning and organization management.
4. Establish and maintain a good relationship with the media, customers and other public, establish a good brand image.
1. Good cooperation ability, communication ability, innovation ability.
2. Have certain literary grounding and artistic taste.
3. Familiar with the integration of media brand communication and promotion activities, and the famous brand of large enterprises more than 3 years management experience, familiar with the brand operation.
4. Excellent interpersonal communication and team leadership.
5. Good team work spirit, inter-departmental project coordination.

Interested candidates please send your resume to our email address zhaopin_hr@ashixuan.com, please indicate "position + name"
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